Confetti Baubles DIY

Confetti Baubles DIY

These confetti baubles are so fun to add to the tree and to make with kids in the run up to the holidays. Christmas is my favourite season for crafting with kids, and I love how these baubles turned out!

What you'll need:

Materials for confetti baubles DIY

How to make them:

Step 1: Paint the baubles

Use an old egg carton to cut up sections of 4, these are perfect for holding the baubles while they dry. Use a brush and acrylic paints in your choice of colours to paint the paper mâché baubles.

Wait for the first coat to dry completely before painting the second coat.

Confetti baubles step 1 paint

Step 2: Add the confetti

Use a wide brush to apply Mod Podge all over the bauble, then stick the tissue paper confetti to the Mod Podge. Use the brush again, to apply more Mod Podge on the top to "seal" the confetti to the bauble.

Confetti christmas baubles applying the confetti

*Some of the bolder colours of confetti, like the dark blue, may bleed so rinse your brush often and only gently brush over them when applying the Mod Podge.*

Hang the baubles to dry.

Add another layer of confetti if you like. Otherwise, let the baubles dry completely before hanging on the tree.

finished baubles

I'd love to see your finished baubles! Tag me on Instagram or share in our community of crafters on Facebook.


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