DIY quilted coasters

DIY quilted coasters

A new coffee table is the perfect excuse to get new coasters, right? After accidentally burning a hole on the top of one of our other tables, it's safe the say that we've learnt our lesson as to why you really should put a coaster underneath your hot tea.

I spotted this tutorial from Craft Foxes a few months ago and wanted to give it a try. The project is taken from Ellen Luckett Baker's book 1, 2, 3 Quilt: Shape Up Your Skills.

Following the tutorial is pretty straight forward. I used a small bowl for my template instead of a cup because I wanted my coasters to be big enough, once completed, for even my biggest mugs to fit on top of. The template circle I used was 11.5cm in diameter and my finished coasters are just under 10cm across.

Instead of fusible fleece I used some cotton quilt wadding I had leftover from sewing this baby quilt. I am sure a medium-weight interlining would also do the trick.

The first completed coaster was admittedly a bit wonky and I found it very necessary to cut off excess fabric after all the pieces were sewn together and before turning the coaster right side out. Also, making small clippings all the way around helped to get a better circular shape.

I used my walking foot for almost this entire project; it really is my new best friend!

What do you think? Pretty snazzy, right? Who needs store-bought coasters when you can have some fancy patchwork ones in funky fabrics?

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