Get organised... quick and easy pen pots!

Get organised... quick and easy pen pots!

Okay, this is one of those crafts that takes 2 minutes but sometimes these are the projects we all need to get that hit of domaine from making something, finishing something and seeing the results of our crafty work in our everyday life.

Quick and easy pen pots!

get organised pen pots

What you'll need:

Dig through your recycle bin and find some tin cans. You'll need tins that have been opened with a can opener, one that creates a dull edge, not ones that have the tab pull opening.

what you'll need to make paper covered pen pots

Clean out the tin and dry it off... we don't want any random bits of chopped toms hanging out at the bottom.

Cut a piece of sturdy paper card or decorative paper the exact width of your tin and long enough to wrap around with a 2cm overlap. I'm using a sheet from the Graphic Paper Pad I stock in the shop... loooove the designs in this book.

Cover the tin can with a thin layer of glue and carefully wrap the paper around the tin. Add more glue under the flap so that it's secure all the way around. I used 3 rubber bands to hold the paper in place while the glue dried, around the top, bottom and in the middle.

Sort your paint brushes, pencils, scissors and pens! Use different sized tins for different tools. I use these for my workshops, at home for my children's pen collections and around my studio and they totally elevate simple tin cans.

Have a go and let me know how yours turn out!

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