How to keep a succulent alive

How to keep a succulent alive

I've not had good luck with succulents in the past. Some say they're the easiest plants to take care of yet until now I've successfully managed to down a few to death. Last year at IKEA we were choosing plants for our new flat and I picked up another succulent. David asked, "Are you sure?" I love how they look and I thought, this time I can do it.

I've had a breakthrough.

But, first this happened...

One year later and the succulent was growing so tall I had to prop it up with a stick so it wouldn't break under its own weight but one day, snap. My succulent was in two pieces on my desk. I was devastated. Another epic succulent growing fail. 

There is good news however. 

After a bit of quick research I broke off a few leaves to save for propagation (I know), and the other bit I simply replanted and it worked! Not only have I revived my original plant but I've made succulent babies from it!!

A few weeks later the succulent is happy and small again in its pot and I have many new succulents just starting to get roots. This weekend's project is to pick up some more cactus soil and drill holes into some spare jars for planters, like this.

Succulent success at last!

(look at the tiny succulent roots growing! an honest miracle.)

Not like I'm an expert but if you have a bad track record for keeping succulents alive, I have a bit of advice.

How to keep succulents alive:

  • When you feel inclined to water it, hold yourself back (unless you live in a very hot, sunny place [ie. not england] then it only needs water once a month or even less)
  • Give it as much direct sun as possible
  • When replanting or transplanting, make sure your soil is specifically for cactus/succulents

Don't be shy, tell me if you've ever killed a succulent (I can't be the only one!).

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