How to knit simple hand warmers

How to knit simple hand warmers

Finally the afternoons are warm enough to venture to the park without a jacket but when the sun hides or you catch a shadow, it's still fresh and chilly, even more so at night. These hand warmers are perfect for cycling home from the city after it gets dark.


  • any dk wool
  • one pair 4mm knitting needles
  • darning/textile needle



Cast on 42 sts (approx 7 inches wide), leaving a long tail for sewing up later

Knit 14 rows of (k2, p2) ribbing


Row 1: knit

Row 2: purl

Row 3: *(p1, slip 1 pwise to last 2 sts), p2

Row 4: purl

Repeat until there are 9 ridges in total (or more depending how long you want your handwarmers)


Knit 4 rows of (k2, p2) ribbing

Cast off loosely

Finishing up

Using tail from top, sew edges together 1.5cm down.

Using the tail from the bottom, sew edges together, leaving around 3cm hole for your thumb

Weave in ends and you're done! These are perfect for beginner knitters that want to flaunt their new-found skills.

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