How to make a knitted knot necklace

How to make a knitted knot necklace

Let's get knotty (sorry, I had to)! There's a lot you can do with a ball of yarn and even more if you know how to knit. The humble I-cord as it's so strangely named is easy to make and has about a million uses. I'll show you how to turn an I-cord into a funky cool knotted necklace.

But wait, how do I make an I-cord? Take a break and head over to this tutorial on Purl Bee. They're real knitting experts and will take very good care of you on your I-cord journey. Just don't forget to come back to make your necklace!


  • 1 I-cord that is 22 inches in length (I used the 3 stitch method to make mine)
  • a length of chain
  • 2 bead caps, 2 jump rings
  • Needle-nosed pliers (ideally two pairs)

STEP 1: It's time to knot. Follow my lead, okay?

I followed the steps for this Witness to your Splendour knot. It looks really complicated and you might freak out a tiny bit when you see that the video is 7 minutes long! It goes very slow, so it's easy to follow and I stopped by knot around the 4-minute mark.

STEP 2: Let's attach our bead caps onto the ends of our I-cords.

Every bead cap is different. There are tons of styles out there. I just picked these ones up because I thought they were puuuurdy but you can use just about any type. On this one, I fed the end of the yard through the post inside and then tied it off by weaving it in and out of the cord.

STEP 3: Put on the chain.

Use a jump ring to attach the bead cap to your length of chain. It helps to have two pairs of pliers for this part. Then close that ring back up.

STEP 4: Get funky, cuz you just made a knitted knot necklace, woo!

Did you try this? I'd love to see it over on Instagram.

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