How to make a pom pom

How to make a pom pom

One of the best things about making pom poms is that you really don't need many tools, but the right ones make it so much easier. Grab your Loome tool, some sharp scissors and your yarn; it's time to get crafty!

What you'll need:

pom pom making supplies

Making a pom pom is a lot easier than it looks, just start winding!

how to make a pom pom

1. Secure the end of the yarn to any notch and start winding the yarn around the tool with an even tension. If you feel a bit tense in your hands, just shake it out! Go on, do it! We carry a lot of tension in our hands so keep your winding nice and loose and smooth.

Tip: If you wind 2 strands at the same time, you'll be able to do this step in half the time. Grab the end from the outside of the ball and the one from the inside, or use two different balls of yarn.

Pom pom sizes depend on a couple of things:

  • how much yarn you wind onto the tool
  • how much you trim it down at the end

how to make different sized pom poms

Note: Mix it up! You can use more than one colour. 

2. Wind around 160 revolutions (or 80 if you are winding 2 strands at the same time). When done, secure end to any notch, then cut.

3. Cut 40cm strong string. While the yarn is still on the tool, wrap the strong string fully around the bundle once. Flip the tool over and make a double over-hand knot and lightly tighten it. This is like tying your trainers, (left over right) but you do another left over right before pulling it tight.

how to tie a double over-hand knot

4. Gently wedge the yarn bundle off the tool and tighten the knot. Close the knot with a single knot (left over right). Pull the tails to the other side and tie a regular double knot.

5. Snip all the yarn loops using your sharp scissors. There might be a few hiding inside, so make sure you get them all.

how to tie a tight double knot

6. Take scissors and cut loops on both sides in half. Make sure you cut all loops, some may be hiding.

how to use a pom pom trim guide

7. Next, it's time to trim. Place the trim guide directly on top of the bundle and snip around. Flip the bundle on its side and trim again with the guide. Tidy up the rest of the pom pom by eye.

how to trim a pom pom

If you want more details on how to trim your pom pom down, check out our post, How To Use The Pom-Pom Trim Guide. Don't have time to source all the materials separately? Grab one of our Pom Pom Starter Kits; you can choose the colours of yarn included and also have a book of instructions, tips and projects to make with your pom poms!

Happy pom poming!

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