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How to make a woven badge with a Big A Loome tool

Here's a fun, quick craft to try this week, a woven badge. Grab your Big A Loome tool and a handful of yarn scraps and let's get making!

V, founder of The Loome in the US, goes through how to turn your mini weaving into a cute little woven badge you can pin onto your jacket or bag with really minimal materials.

These little badges are perfect little souvenirs for friends, flat enough to end in a card by post and a great way to use up scraps for zero-waste crafting.

What you'll need:

The Big A Loome tool is a versatile 5-in-1 tool, so don't just stop with weavings. You can also make pom poms, tassels, cords and friendship bracelets. Have fun making your badges, I can't wait to see what colour combinations you come up with!

Don't forget, there are over 100 videos on YouTube on how to use a Loome tool + projects to make. 🌈