How to make an Easter Egg Garland

How to make an Easter Egg Garland

Hop to it! Easter is nearly here! 🐰🥕 Keep the kids busy with this easy garland activity.

What you'll need:

  • Scissors
  • Pritt stick or glue stick
  • Darning needle
  • 1-2m thin string or baker's twine
  • Egg Garland Template
  • Assorted collage papers or old magazines
How to make an Easter Egg garland

Print out your template at 100%. I printed mine on 200 gsm paper so that it's a bit sturdier than regular copy paper.

Download Template

Cut out the eggs and get sticking! I like to cover the egg in glue and then stick down strips as I go. Cover the whole egg. Overlap and add washi tape or sticks to the eggs if you like.

Once it's dry, turn it over and trim off the excess paper, using the template as your guide.

Use a darning needle to poke two holes at the top of each egg and thread a thin string along the top. 

Hang it up on the wall or across the mantle using washi tape.

BONUS: Cover both sides of the template and poke a single hole at the top for a loop to hang on your Easter tree or branches.


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