How to make super-simple paper-cut Valentine's

How to make super-simple paper-cut Valentine's

I love Valentine's Day. Mostly because it's also my husband's birthday and mine follows a few days later. Despite by parent's best plans to also have a Feb 14th baby, I just wasn't ready to come out that day!

Here's a simple way to make two paper-cut Valentine's Day cards for the price of 1! I love this method and it works for lots of different kinds of designs.

What you need:

  • Craft scalpel like an X-ACTO knife
  • Blank cards
  • Decorative papers (mine are from a recent copy of Mollie Makes)
  • Pritt stick

How to make it:

1. On the inside of one card, sketch out a heart shape. Cut it out with your scalpel knife very carefully.

2. Cut out two pieces of paper that are 0.5cm smaller than your finished card. For example, my mini cards measure 10.5 x 7.5cm so I cut my papers to be 10 x 7cm in size.

3. Glue one paper on the inside of the card, covering up any leftover pencil marks.

4. Glue the other paper on the outside of a card, glueing the heart you cut out for the first card on top of it, in the centre. And that's it!

See what I mean? Super-simple and you get two lovely, simple cards for the price and effort of making one. One for your sweet-heart and the other for you best gal?

Check out our other Valentine's DIY for making a heart badge if you fancy a bit of sewing.

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