How to make wooden pom pom and tassel charms

How to make wooden pom pom and tassel charms

When your bookshelf, doorknob, sash window, wall just needs "something." Add a pom pom! These fun, modern wooden charms add a dash of colour, some texture and use up your yarn scraps all at the same time... and are a great craft to make with kids too.

What you'll need:

Let's get started:

If you'd like to paint the wooden shapes, do this before you begin and let them dry. Acrylic paint works really well on this type of wood. 🖌

1. Make the pom pom. If you're using a Loome tool, wrap some aran-weight yarn around the tool 160 times and tie a tight middle knot with strong string. For thinner yarn, wrap more times. Cut the loops and trim using a trim guide. For more in-depth instructions on making a pom pom with a Loome, head to How to make a pom pom.

how to make a wooden pom pom charm

2. Add a hanging loop to the wooden charm. Cut a piece of string that is 20cm long and thread it through the top hole of the wooden shape. Tie a knot to create a loop for hanging.

Cut a piece of string that is 1m in length. Fold it in half. Thread the folded end through the bottom hole. Feed the other end of the string through that loop and pull tight.

adding the string loops

3. Make a tassel. Use a Loome tool again for this. Wrap the yarn around the tool as many times as you'd like; I wrapped this super-wash DK merino wool 25 times around the bigger end of the Robot tool to make this tassel. Tie the top of the tassel with the same yarn as the tassel so that it is camouflaged later.

how to make a tassel with a loome tool

4. Add the pom pom and tassel to the charm. Feed the darning needle from the pack onto the end of the string with the two tails.

Find the middle string of the pom pom. Push the darning needle through the centre, perpendicular to the middle string of the pom pom. Tie a double knot under the pom pom to stop it sliding down. You could also add a dab of all-purpose craft glue too, for good measure.

adding the pom pom

Re-attach the darning needle and push it down through the centre of the tassel. Tie a double knot down inside the tassel so that it's hidden. Again, add a dab of glue if you like and cut the string tails short. Slide the top knot on the tassel down inside, using the darning needle to push it in, so that it's hidden. Cut the tails short if you haven't already.

adding the tassel to the charm

TA-DA! Hang up your charm wherever you need to add a bit of colour and texture to your home. I'd love to see your finished project! Find me on Facebook or Instagram and share the love, tagging me in your photos.

the finished wooden pom pom charm

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