How to sew a doughnut charm

How to sew a doughnut charm

I love a good doughnut and I blame that totally on growing up in Canada and living around the corner from a Tim Hortons... a country-wide chain of coffee and doughnut shops named after a hockey player (can you get any more Canadian than that?!). There's nothing like a classic Chocolate Dip but when I was little it was all about the Sprinkle Dip!

Here's my ode to a classic treat that you can clip onto your rucksack or bag. This is also one of our kids sewing party projects, so if you'd like to me come and teach your child and their friends how to make these, please get in touch!

What you need:

  • Beige or light brown felt
  • Pink felt (or whatever colour you'd like for your frosting)
  • Scraps of other colours for sprinkles
  • Beads or small buttons (optional)
  • Wadding
  • Sewing kit: scissors, thread, needle and pins
  • Dog leash clip

Let's get started!

1. Start by making your template. Find a small bowl in your kitchen and trace around it and then draw a smaller circle inside it. Mine measures roughly 13cm across with a small circle that's 4.5cm across inside it.

2. Pin your template onto your beige felt and cut out 2 doughnut shapes from the beige and one from the pink for your frosting.

3. Trim your frosting circle so it's a bit smaller than the beige circles. I like to cut it so it's a bit squiggly around the outside edges and make sure you trim down the inside circle too.

4. Now it's time to decorate your frosting! Cut small rectangles from your scraps of felt, or use beads and small buttons to create little "sweets" and sprinkles. Arrange them in a way that you're happy with, and then start to sew them onto your pink felt.

5. Once all your sprinkles are secured, stitch the pink felt to one of the beige circles. A small running stitch along the edge will be just fine. 

6. Then, place your two doughnut pieces on top of each other and stitch around the inside circle first using an over-stitch, also called a whip stitch. Then work your way around the outside edge, leaving a 4cm hole so you can stuff it with your wadding.

7. When you're ready to close up the hole, cut a rectangle of felt that will act as a holder for your leash clip. Slip it through the clip and sandwich it between the two doughnut pieces. Hold it in place while you secure it with a small and strong running stitch. You may want to go over it a couple times to make sure it's nice and tight.

8. Close up the rest of the hole and you're done! Clip it on your bag and off you go!

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