How to tie a knot at the end of your thread

How to tie a knot at the end of your thread

I'm all about quick tips that work, especially when sewing with kids. I learnt this trick when I was a child and it's still my number one way to tie my thread when teaching kids how to sew.

When you're running a workshop with 10+ kids, you need to be able to tie and re-thread needles quickly, so this little trick has come in very handy!

I also chat a little bit about the thread we use in the workshops, I get asked at least once after every workshop about the thread that's included in the kit. It is the goldilocks of sewing threads: not too thick, not too thin.

It's called DMC Broder Special.

It's not too bulky when doubled up, which is so helpful as it's much easier for children to sew with a double thread, that way they don't need to remember to hold the tail of their thread while they're sewing so they can concentrate on their stitches.

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