How  to use a pom-pom trim guide

How to use a pom-pom trim guide

Have you ever wondered how people get their pom-poms perfectly round? I'll let you in on a little secret: they use a trim guide. 

This small circular guide helps shape and trim down your pom-pom super accurately, and also quickly. We stock the Loome Pom-Pom Trim Guides in our shop, which are made of bamboo but you could also make one yourself at home out of cardboard or strong card-stock. What I love about the Loome ones though, is that they're strong and sturdy, made from bamboo, and won't bend while trimming. Plus, they double up as a kumihimo cord maker!

Let's get started!

1. Make your pom-pom

Check out our tutorial how to make a pom-pom. Once you've tied your middle string, you're ready to trim. I always start by trimming the middle strings down, so that they don't show later. Then, trim all your loops. Make sure none are hiding down inside.

2. Place trim guide centre-to-centre and cut

Then, place your trim guide in the centre of the pom-pom and holding it firmly, snip generously around the guide, keeping your scissors close to the guide. Don't be scared, the first could cuts are a bit of a hack job to get the general shape.

3. Turn your pom-pom and trim again

Turn the pom-pom on its side, so that your trim guide is now flat against the side you just cut and cut around the guide again.

4. Fine tuning

Now you can put your trim guide to the side, and use your scissors to trim slowly around your pom-pom until you get the desired density. Start by trimming one side first, then rotating your pom-pom and trim the shaggier areas of the pom-pom. 

Every now and then, roll your pom-pom in your hands and use your fingers to fluff out the pom-pom to find any strands hidden inside that need to be trimmed. 

And that's your pom-pom trimmed up nice and quickly with the trim guide! Made some pom-poms? Share them with us on Instagram using the tag #gettingsewcial!

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