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Knits for little ones

You know when you reach that age and it feels like every single on of your friends is either getting married or having a baby. That's me right now. So I've been knitting up little knits for soon-to-be-born babes. This pair in cream white because one friend decided not to find out the sex until the birth.

It's ready for the post in a package addresses to canada in hand-stamped arrow kraft paper. Remember those stamps I made a few weeks ago? I have a feeling they're going to be stamping a lot of gift paper in the future. The pattern used is from a debbie bliss book I took out from the library called, Simply Baby. Two-toned socks (although I kept them single-toned) made to fit a 3-6 month old (I heard babies grow really quick so I figured to go a bit bigger than the smallest ones).