Making corded bracelets with your Cord & Bead Necklace Kit

Making corded bracelets with your Cord & Bead Necklace Kit

The necklaces in the Cord & Bead Necklace Kit are some of my most worn, especially as I have little children that love to tug and pull. The t-shirt yarn is so stretchy and soft, comes in lovely bright and bold colours so it's easy to add a bit of colour to my usually monochrome (my breton tees and tops are a staple) outfits.

Here's a quick way to make bracelets instead of necklaces with your kit.

Each bundle of t-shirt yarn is 5m long, so you can make 2 bracelets with a single bundle, instead of 1 necklace.

How to make corded bracelets

What you'll need:

Let's get started:

1. Leave a shorter tail than you would for the necklace, about 15cm is fine, and start to cord. I have fairly small wrists, so 18cm of cord is what I needed to fit around my wrist but you can measure as you go.

2. Finish off your cord when you reach the right length and cut the end tail to 15cm as well.

how to make corded bracelets

3. Thread one tail onto the darning needle and feed it through one wooden bead. Thread the other tail and feed it through the same bead going in the opposite direction.

how to make a corded bracelet with a Loome

4. Pull tight and tie a single knot at the end of each tail, leaving a bit of a tail so that you can knot it later around the bead.

That's it really, so simple! Because these are made from t-shirt yarn, they're good to go into the wash if they need to.

corded bracelets with the loome

I'd love to see your earrings if you have a go with this tutorial. Tag me on Instagram @sewcial_circle or send me a quick snap via email, I love seeing what crafty things you're up to!

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