Potato stamping everything in sight

Potato stamping everything in sight

Think potato stamping is only for reception kids? No way. Potatoes are not only cheap but they make great stamps for block printing fabric. The only downside I can possibly think of about using them is that they really are only one-time-use so you'd better do all your stamping in one go because that spud isn't going to be looking so hot by tomorrow.

Tips for making the perfect potato stamp:

  • Choose the right potato. The best ones for this are nice and round, thick in the middle
  • Use the right tool. X-Acto knives, box cutters and craft scalpels work really well for this
  • Do some test prints first, just to get the water out of the potato (they're rather juice, believe it or not)
  • Clean your stamp as you go to avoid build up with paper towels

A humble potato goes a long way. I printed tea towels, a few metres of plain calico and some nicer fabric that turned into piped cushions and zipper pouches.

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