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Rainy nights mean craft nights

I am totally enchanted by the incredible things you can make out of paper. One of the ladies i work for at the Artyard is a master of this medium. The entire studio is filled with papier-mache creations from life-sized deer heads, dainty designer shoes to paper roses and cakes. Last night I ducked down to the studio for an evening of craft and all I have to say is wow!

When the weather has been such a muck lately, I can think of few things better to do than tuck into and evening of crafting with a glass of wine. 

Love this herringbone navy and white fabric, perfect for the outside of this clasp purse with a touch of pink for the liner. It's a bit lop-sided but for my first purse attempt, I think it's pretty alright!

I was surprised how much I got into the paper crafts last night. There is no limit to the things you can make. Here is my trio of tarts and cakes I made out of various bits of papers and cardboard.


  • thanks michelle!
    i just need to find something to put inside of it!

    katie farrell
  • I love the purse!


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