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shake it pom pom banner
colour chart for pom-pom banners
merino wool yarn for pom-poms
Back view of pom-pom wall banners


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Shake it like a Polaroid picture... shake, shake... Sometimes you just need to shake it out! Hang this banner up in a place where you'll see it daily, to remind yourself to just "shake what your mama gave you!"

This banner is handcrafted from natural calico. Each letter is die-cut from wool-viscose blend felt which is naturally recyclable as viscose is a plant-based fibre and wool is 100% biodegradable. Each banner is hung from a solid pine dowel, which is drilled so that the string hangs securely through it.

The pom-poms are made by hand with the most lush 100% merino wool.

Each banner is made by hand to order and will be on it's way to you in 2-3 days after placing your order.

Banners measure approx. 26cm x 28cm in size.