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Personalised Zipper Pouch
pom pom colour
pencil case for craft tools
Personalised Zipper Pouch

Personalised Zipper Pouch

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For those times you need a gift that says,

"This is pom-tastic!"

But seriously, this sturdy canvas pouch with a hard-wearing metal zip is built to store all your most special craft tools, pens, bits, bobs or cosmetics and like everything we do, has a pom-pom on it. Label the contents on the front of the pouch or personalise it with a name or phrase.

Imagine gifting this to a tween with it filled with glitter gel pens and bubble-gum flavoured lip balm (not included, but a nice idea, don't you think?) with her name on the front, or to a new mum with a luxurious hand cream and Space Mask inside with the word RELAX on the front, or your favourite crafty friend with one of these words on the front: KNIT / MAKE / DRAW  or  STUFF.

Choose up to 5 letters on one line. Each letter is approx. 3 x 4cm in size.

Spot clean only. Pouch is roughly 22 x 16cm.