10 sewing projects to make with 1/2 metre of fabric or less

10 sewing projects to make with 1/2 metre of fabric or less

What can you make with 1/2 metre of fabric? PLENTY! Whether you have a bit leftover from another sewing project or you bought one of our gorgeous new rolls of premium cotton fabric from the shop, there is plenty you can do with 1/2 metre of fabric. Here are just a few of my favourite ideas, including projects I've made in my own kids sewing classes and workshops.

1. Make a skirt (a child's size skirt at least)

This is such an easy project and one that kids will love to sew, because they get to wear it once it's done! I mean, the pride on these girl's faces when they finish their skirts and wear them home is what teaching kids to sew is all about.

Use this pattern to create your skirt. 50cm x 140cm should be enough fabric to make a skirt for kids ages 7-9 years that finishes right above the knee.

sewing a kids skirt

2. Sew an origami bag

I love this project because it's so unique and is really easy to sew with only straight stitching. Mix and match your fabrics to create a fun pattern on the front of the bag.

How to make a bento bag

How to sew a bento bag

3. Scrunchies

Couldn't leave this one off the list. This project is great for the scraps after some of these other projects as you only need a small rectangle and some elastic to make one.

This is a good tutorial to follow.

How to make a scrunchies

4. Drawstring gift bags

A few years ago I decided to take some of the really nice fabric from my stash that I had been keeping for years and actually use it. I make several drawstring bags that we use especially for Christmas and birthdays instead of wrapping paper. Not only do our gifts look pretty, but we save money on wrapping paper.

I also added iron-on letters so we each have our own bag that can be used over and over again.

How to make drawstring bags

5. Wiksten summer top

This is another pattern I use over and over again in my children's sewing classes because it's relatively easy for them to stitch and the impact is amazing. Kids get such a kick out of making their own clothes and you don't need more than 1/2 metre of fabric for this one. This pattern is from the book "Made by Hand" by Lena Corwin, one of my favourite craft books.

Wiksten summer top 

6. Fabric storage buckets

Need some additional storage on your shelves or in your drawers? These buckets look really nice lined up in different sizes. Use contrasting fabric for the inside so that you can see it when they're folded down.

How to make fabric storage buckets

7. Cushion cover

This is a classic sewing project but doesn't have to be boring, especially when you're using funky and modern fabrics like the ones we have in the shop. Go with a neon big dot pattern, or funky with mermaid print!

Here's a quick tutorial for sewing an envelope-back cushion.

Envelope-back cushion covers

8. Tassel Keyrings

This is another scrap-busting project that looks so good clipped onto a summer bag. Cut thin strips of fabric to make a tassel and then attach a keyring fob to it! 

Here's the tutorial for making tassel keyrings

Tassel keyring

9. Reversible headband

I love, love, love this! Especially as fabric headbands are so trendy at the moment. This would be a perfect project for a small amount of fabric. Mix and match fabrics to make it reversible. The pattern is available from Melilot

Headbands from Mellow

10. Quilted Coasters

Finally, quilted coasters. I made these years and years ago and we still use them daily for our cups of tea. As they're made of fabric, I just put them in the washing machine every now and then to freshen them up, but seeing these little bits of fabric brings me so much joy!

Quilted coasters

That's it! What a round up! I had to go through my archives of photos from years ago and it's inspired me to get sewing again. I haven't taught any sewing machine classes during the pandemic and I've really missed it.

If you try any of these projects, I'd love to see! Tag me on Instagram @sewcial_circleor share a photo of your crafts in our Facebook Group!

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