10 things to make with tassels

10 things to make with tassels

As one of the 5 crafts you can make with a Loome tool, tassels are so incredibly versatile for your craft projects. Whether you make them big and chunky with lush wool yarns, for small and thin with cotton floss, they're the perfect addition to your home decor and jewellery projects.

10 things to make with tassels

I've rounded up 10 of my favourite ideas from Pinterest to give you a little project inspiration. Take something you already own and give it a new lease of life with tassels or creative something entirely new. Don't forget about your yarn scraps, tassels are the perfect way to use them up with zero waste.

Needs tips on how to make a tassel? Check out this Tassel playlist from The Loome on YouTube and grab your Loome tool from the shop to get started.

1. Tassel Earrings

Of course I'm going to start off with my favourite project! Tassel earrings are simple to make, look gorgeous and are a really easy way to dress up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Grab your Tassel Earring Kit from the shop!

Tassel Earring Kit

2. Tassel Garlands

Love this one (because it also has pom poms!) from @babasouk on Instagram.

Make a ton of tassels and pom poms in bright and cheery colours and string them up on macrame rope. What a fab way to bring some colour into your home.

Tassel and pom pom garland

3. Attach tassels to your knitwear

Tassels look so great at the corners of scarves, shawls, and blankets. Use the same yarn or go for something contrasting to create a point of interest on your knitted piece. Here's a simple video on how to attach your tassels to your knitted piece.

How to attach tassels to your knitwear

4. Tassel Duvet

Take a plain white or simple duvet and turn it into something tassel-tastic (sorry, I had to drop it at least once in this blog post!) with tassels along the edges. These can be easily stitched on and secured on the inside of the duvet. I'd recommend using cotton yarn so that your tassels stay nice after washing.

Tassel duvet DIY

5. Tassel Party Decorations

What's better than honeycomb party decorations? Honey party decorations with tassels! What a simple way to add something extra to your party decor. Love this idea from @shopleokids on Instagram.

Tassel party decorations

6. Tassel wall wreaths

I found this idea on a wedding blog but I think these could look equally good as wall decor, or as an alternative headboard if you made a few different sizes. I would use 6-strand embroidery floss for this project and then comb them out with a tassel comb.

tassel wall hanging

7. Brass Tassel Necklace

There are so many cool jewellery findings on places like Etsy and Ebay, I love this idea for adding tassels to a brass circle to make a statement necklace. Like our Tassel Earring Kit, you can attach tassels using a jump ring. Use embroidery floss or any thin cotton yarn to make dainty jewellery tassels.

Brass tassel necklace DIY

8. Tassel chandelier or pajaki 

What a stunning centrepiece for a party or event, or to hang in a kids room! These traditional pajakis come from Poland originally but I'm seeing them pop up all over home decor blogs. These tassels are made from raffia, a paper string which gives them a totally different look and feel. Love it!

tassel chandelier

9. Tassel Cushion

Like the duvet further up the post, this is another simple way to up-cycle a cushion that's already sitting on your sofa. Stitch on some fun tassels to the corners and sides to make a cushion that really brings a room together.

Tassel cushion

10. Tassel clutch

Last but not least, a tassel clutch! These are perfect for summer. Stitch on some mini tassels along a straw clutch bag to make it into a statement piece for your summer outfits.

tassel clutch 

I'd love to see your tassels! If you give any of these projects a go, tag me on Instagram @sewcial_circle or share a photo of your crafts in our Facebook Group!

Happy crafting!

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