Best scissors for trimming pom poms

Best scissors for trimming pom poms

When it comes to pom pom making, it's all in the trim, especially if you're after neat, rounded pom poms. Any crafter will know the value in having a pair of good quality, sharp scissors and pom pom making is no different.

I'm going to chat through the 2 different pairs of scissors I use for my pom pom making, each with its own use!

What are the best scissors for pom pom making?

Let's start with the brand. I only use Fiskars. Call me a scissor snob, HA! but I really do find these to be the best quality on the market (Made in Finland) and the only scissor brand I stock in the shop for that reason. They are superb, sharp and quality.

How to trim a pom pom

Step 1

Fiskars RazorEdge Scissors

The first pair of scissors I use when trimming a pom pom are the Fiskars RazorEdge 13cm scissors. I use these scissors for the first big trim, when using the pom pom trim guide. They cut through all the yarn like butter.

Place your trim guide on the bundle and cut all the way around with the RazorEdge scissors. Turn on its side, use the trim guide and cut again.

These work brilliantly if you're making really dense pom poms and you have a ton of yarn to cut through.


Then it's on to the fine trimming...

Step 2

Best scissors for pom pom making

Once the first big hair cut is finished, I switch to these Fiskars Universal Functional Form Scissors. The blades are longer and so it's easier to snip quickly, while rotating the pom pom.

Hold the pom pom between your thumb and index finger and rotate on an axis, while trimming. Once that side is uniform, rotate the pom pom onto another side and rotate again, while trimming. Use the blades to fluff up the pom pom and check you haven't missed any corners.

That's it! These are the two best scissors for pom poms that I've found and years later, they're still super sharp. If you'd like more tips on trimming pom poms perfectly, grab yourself a spot on my Pom Pom Online Course!

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