Book Day Bookmarks

Book Day Bookmarks

It's Book Day this week! This is one of the most fun days of the year if you ask me; school kids leave their uniforms in the closet and dress up as their favourite book characters instead. I think it's totally brilliant! 

If you usually use an old receipt or scrap of paper to hold your place in your book (or worse, a dog-ear turner!) then STOP! Grab a few minutes to make your very own bookmark. Here's how.


  • Thick card (we used 300 GSM) 
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Pritt stick
  • Assorted collage papers
  • Yarn for making a Pom-Pom  
  • Rubber stamps (totally optional) 

1. Cut your bookmark

We did this project as a workshop for the Southbank Centre so it was important to get the most bookmarks out of a single A4 sheet. If you cut them right, you can get 7 bookmarks from one sheet; enough to keep a few for yourself and gift a few to friends.  

This is the cutting layout we used, so each bookmark is 48 X 160mm. 

2. Decorate! 

Collage, stamp, draw... use whatever collage papers you have around to make a pretty design, stamp your favourite quote or phrase on your bookmark or draw something lovely on it. Don't forget to do the back!

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