Crafty inspiration: wall weavings

Crafty inspiration: wall weavings

There certainly is a trend for weaving right now. And I want to hop on the bandwagon! I love that traditional crafts are getting their spots in the limelight again, and popping up all over design magazines, blogs and in glossy spreads. I have a lot of extra yarn hanging around my studio in Peacock Yard, I really mean a lot... shopping baskets full of it, stacked on top of each other, but I can't bear to get rid of it because I know as soon as I do, I'll regret it and have some project that needs a lot of yarn.

I may need to pick up with this weaving thing, just to use it up! 

These are some of the weavings that have been inspiring me lately, now I just need a little nudge to actually give it a go.

 From  Maryanne Moodie  From Maryanne Moodie


 From  Etsy  From Etsy


 From  Tresors Inutiles

From Tresors Inutiles

 From  Smile & Wave  From Smile & Wave


 From  WarpedThreadss  From WarpedThreadss

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