Valentine's Day cards

Valentine's Day cards

Tis the season to celebrate all things heart-shaped, red and sweet. I've always been one to make my own cards so here are a few ideas I've put together to inspire your own homemade Valentine's Day card making session.

You can do a lot with a few blank cards, red paper, scissors, thread and glue! I treated myself to a box of chocolates to help the making process along...

Experimenting with paper cutting

Some paper cutting tips? Grab a self-healing rubber mat for this project, believe me, kitchen cutting boards do not work. A sharp blade is much easier to work with than a dull one. Take it easy, take it slow and your design will come out beautifully.

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Getting your stitch on

This may feel a little elementary, but I think there's something so charming about a hand-embroidered card! Stitch a heart, your initials and an arrow through it for some school-day romance when people still used to carve their initials into a tree.

 From  dandy designs  From dandy designs


Collage for your soul

I will never get sick of cut and paste. It's good for your soul. Pull out an old magazine, pull out some pretty papers from past issues of Mollie Makes and get snipping! Tissue paper and glitter go a long way! Work up some textures with different layers and then glue them all down for an alternative card.

 From  From 

Don't forget your envelope, spruce it up with a little crafting too!



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