Easy Peasy Valentine's "Candy Grams"

Easy Peasy Valentine's "Candy Grams"

Valentine's Day was a big deal when I was growing up. As primary school kids, we used to make mailboxes out of brown paper bags to put on our desks and when Feb 14th rolled around, we'd go around the classroom posting Valentine's cards through each other's boxes.

When I reached secondary school, you could send your secret (or not so secret!) crush a "candy gram" for a dollar from the student council. On Valentine's Day these candy grams would be delivered during home room and sometimes the notes were anonymous!!! We went crazy for them as teenagers.

I still love to get sweet treats on Valentine's so here's an easy way to make candy grams at home, using some jars from the recycling and some pick and mix sweeties.

What you'll need:

  • Sweets/chocolates/foil wrapped treats
  • Jam jar from the recycling
  • Decorative paper & ribbon
  • Heart stickers

Clean the jars

Make sure they're nice and dry on the inside. Stick a heart sticker onto one side of the jar.

Fill them!

Either fill them with one kind of sweetie or mix them up. I've filled mine with some gummy sweets and chocolate buttons.

Add the paper top

Use some decorative or brown paper for the top. Cut out a circle, and wrap it over the lid. Use some ribbon or string to secure it around the jar.

That's it! So simple! Hand these treat jars out to your favourite people on Valentine's Day.

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