Flying Bat: free kids halloween sewing project with felt

Flying Bat: free kids halloween sewing project with felt

It's nearly time for Halloween! Get festive and spooky with this fun and easy sewing project for kids using felt and a stick from the garden to make your own flying bat.

What you'll need to make your Halloween flying bat project:


Prep your bat pieces

Cut out 2 black bat bodies, 2 black wings and 2 white eyes. Pin the templates to the felt to keep them in place while you cut.

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Stitch the face of the bat

Using running stitch, sew around the white circles to secure them to the bat's face. Hop over to the second circle and use the running stitch to sew around that one. Hop down and use back-stitch to sew a cheeky smile!

Add the pupils

Cut out two small black circles to use as pupils. Secure these on by making an 'X' with black thread from the back.

Cut out the wings

If you haven't already, cut out two wings from black felt and have them ready to go as we sew around the outside edge.

Sewing the felt bat together

Line up the two bat bodies together. Thread your needle with black thread. Starting at the bottom, lift the top layer and start your over-stitch from the underside of the top layer of felt. Stitch both layers together. Remember, "up from the bottom, and pull." 

When you get here, insert a bat wing in-between the layers. Switch to running stitch to sew across the wing.

At the top of the bat, tuck in the string/thin rope. Tie a knot in the end of the rope and tuck the knot between the layers of felt. Make one stitch through the rope to secure. Then continue with over-stitch until you reach the other wing.

Sew across the wing with running stitch and then stitch a little further until there is a 4cm hole along the bottom edge of the bat.

Plump up your bat with toy stuffing!

Leave a hole at the bottom of the bat that is about 4cm wide. Now, give that bat a little life by stuffing it with toy stuffing. I love to use 100% wool stuffing for my soft toys. When your bat is nicely padded (but not exploding), sew up the hole with over-stitch. Finish off your thread by making two knots and hiding the threads on the inside of the bat. 

Tie to a stick

To make your Halloween bat fly, tie the string to a stick from the garden and spook your friends and family with your flying bat!

Did you make your own bat? I'd love to see your finished projects! Send me a DM on Instagram @sewcial_circle or send me a quick snap via email, I love seeing what crafty things you're up to! 

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