frida-kahlo inspired pom pom crowns

Frida Kahlo-inspired pom pom crowns

Get party-ready (and we're talking kitchen disco parties while we're in COVID-19 lockdown) with these fun and colourful headbands. Channel your inner Frida and get ready to pom out.

frida pom pom crowns

What you'll need:

  • At least 5 pom poms of different sizes
  • 1 fabric-covered headband
  • Needle & thread or hot glue gun

Let's get started!

Choose your colours and make your pom poms. You could also add in some ready-made pom poms too. Arrange them in order... make your plan before you stick them on. I like to put the biggest in the middle and then a medium and small on each side.

If you're going to use a needle & thread follow these instructions (glue gun instructions further down)...

1. Thread your needle with some strong thread, like embroidery floss, button thread or doubled up cotton thread.

how to sew on the pom poms

2. Sew through the headband first, then find the middle string of the pom pom and thread the needle just underneath it. Sew through the headband again and repeat until the pom pom is nice and secure.

making a pom pom crown

3. Repeat this for all the pom poms, making sure they don't wiggle too much. Try it on once you're done and get ready for that kitchen disco!

If you're going the glue gun route, follow these steps...

how to make a pom pom crown

1. Plug in your glue gun and wait for it to heat up.

2. Start with the biggest one and separate the fluff to either side so there's a part where the middle string is. Add a thick line of glue about 3cm long in the centre of the headband and press your pom pom onto it. Hold until the glue sets but careful not to burn your fingers!

how to make a pom pom crown with a hot glue gun

3. Do the same for the other poms. Let the glue cool before trying it on!

pom pom crowns

I'd love to see your pom pom crown if you have a go with this tutorial. Tag me on Instagram @sewcial_circle or send me a quick snap via email, I love seeing what crafty things you're up to!

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