Grin and bear it!

Grin and bear it!

We've been sewing plush teddy bears lately, here at home and also with some of my private after-school sewing students. It's a nice break from all the clothes we've been making! The girls picked this Wool & Liberty Bear from PurlBee and I whipped one up ahead of our class to show the girls.

He is a dear, isn't he?

On week one we cut out all our pieces (there are quite a lot!) and pieced together the head and legs. Week two we sewed the arms, the body and assembled it all together. The girls have plans for tiny jackets and top hats for their bears; it reminds me of some of my first sewing projects making little clothes for my stuffed animal friends!

If you need a nice weekend project to sew with kids who are competent on the sewing machine, this is definitely a sweet pattern to try. He does need something, maybe a tiny cape or a bow tie so he doesn't look so bare!

What have you been sewing lately?

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