How to make friendship bracelets on a Loome tool

How to make friendship bracelets on a Loome tool

Happy Best Friends Day! 🌸👯‍♀️ Celebrate your bestie in style with a handmade friendship bracelet. This is a fun and easy craft to do, especially in the summer as they're so versatile and quick to make. Here's how to make 3 different types of friendship bracelets on a Loome.

What you'll need:

  • A Loome tool (any one will do: XL, Robot or Big A)
  • Yarn scraps (I like to use 100% DK cotton like Ricorumi, but any DK or Aran-weight will do)
  • Darning needle

Fishtail Bracelets

This is a simple woven bracelet, with 2 base strings and one main string that weaves in and out of the base strings in a figure of 8 motion to create this fishtail pattern. Leave string at the top and bottom for tying on to the recipients wrist.

Experiment with short ones to make rings!

XL Loome tool

Single Loop Bracelets

Create this spiral bracelet by making a single loop on the same side of the base yarn over and over again. Add beads at the beginning and end too for extra interest! 

Robot Loome tool from The Sewcial Circle 

Cobra Knot Bracelets

This is a classic pattern, making square knots around a base thread and alternating sides. This makes a flat bracelet and works with thin yarn and chunkier ropes like hemp and macrame rope too. 

Big A tool from The Loome

Feeling inspired to make friendship bracelets? I'd love to see your finished projects! Send me a DM on Instagram @sewcial_circle or send me a quick snap via email, I love seeing what crafty things you're up to!

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