How to make marbled ceramic baubles

How to make marbled ceramic baubles

Does anyone else see so lush decorations in a shop and think, "I bet I could make that...". That's what happened with these baubles. I have been dreaming of marbled baubles since last Christmas and after a ton of experimenting, I nailed it.

So I'm going to share how to do it so you too can create some amazing premium-looking marbled ceramic Christmas tree decorations. Forget about that nail polish tutorial you saw on Pinterest. This is the way to do it...

What you'll need:

  • Marabu Easy Marble (I'm using Reseda, Dark Ultramarine, Rose Pink, Medium Yellow and Aqua Green)
  • Blank plain ceramic baubles
  • Wooden lolly sticks
  • Blank gift tags to practise with
  • Plastic container that you won't re-use for food (I'm using an old milk jug cut in half)
  • Room-temperature water

supplies for marbled baubles

How to make marbled ceramic baubles:

⚠️ A little disclaimer: these inks are flammable and smell like permanent marker. Make sure you're crafting in a well ventilated area! Either wear gloves or use nail polish remover to clean your hands after crafting. ⚠️

Fill your plastic tub halfway with room-temperature water. Make sure it's deep enough to fully submerge the baubles. If you're filling the tub from the tap, make sure the water is on the cool side rather than the warm side.

Do some practise dipping with gift tags. First, shake your inks to combine as they may be separated. You need to work fast, as the inks set quickly on the water. Splatter a few drops of ink onto the surface of the water. Splatter the next colour on top and the next. Use a wooden lolly stick to quickly swirl the inks around.

Splatter Easy Marble inks

Stir marble inks with lolly stick

Hold your gift tag, bending it in your hand so that the entire surface gets coated. Completely submerge the tag and then pull it out again.

Set aside on some baking paper or kitchen roll to dry.

Bend tag before submerging

Set marbled gift tag to dry

Use the lolly stick to pull the excess ink to the side of the tub and clear the work area.

Once you've had a play with different colour combinations, you're ready to marble your baubles!

marbled gift tags

Choose your colours and splatter more ink onto the water than you did for the gift tags, the surface should be really covered well. Gently swirl your inks and dip the bauble, holding onto the top with your fingers. Submerge the bauble until you ready the top where it curves upwards to the cap.

Lift the bauble out and hold for a few seconds until the inks set. The ink dries really quickly so you'll be able to place it down on some baking paper or waxed paper to dry.

Once the bauble has dried, clip the cap on and tie a ribbon and admire your craftiness! These would make beautiful gifts, I really think the finish of these inks is beautiful, smooth and shiny. They really are gorgeous!

Painty fingers? Use nail polish removed to take off the marbling inks.

 marbled ceramic baubles

how to marble ceramic baubles

how to make ceramic marble baubles

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