How to make origami diamonds

How to make origami diamonds

If you've been scrolling through Pinterest and come across some of the folded-paper decor trends, then you've likely come across these paper diamonds. Made in bright and colourful paper, or in striking monochrome prints, they look fab stuck to the wall or a bed headboard with a piece of washi tape. Just look at how these ones are styled, made by Origami Est, author of Paper Home.

These gorgeous paper diamonds are a fun way to add colour and dimension to a room. Pile them on a mantle, display them on a tray on the coffee table or sideboard, hand them from a shelf or washi-tape them directly on a wall. This origami paper trend is a beaut and are relatively simple to make. Ready to give it a try?

The fiddliest part of the whole process is definitely glueing the two halves together. I found that going easy on the glue helps, and trying not to apply it too close to the outside edge, in case of any overflow. 

Anyone else jumping onto this paper trend? 

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