How to make pom pom garlands

How to make pom pom garlands

There are two (well, there's probably more but I'm going to cover two in this post) ways to make pom pom garlands. I get asked all the time what to do with pom poms once you've made loads; it's seriously addictive, I hear you! Garlands are a great way to add some colour to your home.

What you'll need:

Let's get started:

Method 1 - Garland with thin baker's twine or yarn

pom pom garland

1. For a 2.5m garland, you'll need 10 pom poms and a 3m length of twine. Lay your pom poms out in the order you would like them on your garland. Tie a knot about 20cm from the end of the string and thread your baker's twine onto the darning needle. 

2. Find the middle string of your first pom pom. Thread your needle perpendicular to the string, so it goes straight through the middle of the 'O'.

threading darning needle through pom poms

3. Secure the pom pom in place by tying another knot on the other side of the pom pom so it doesn't slide around on the garland. Use your needle to get the knot close to the pom pom.

4. Leave a 20cm gap and continue in this way until you've strung all ten pom poms onto the twine.

knotting twine after pom poms

5. Trim the tails on either end so they're the same length, get some washi tape and hang it up!

You can make this garland as long or as short as you like, spacing the pom poms closer together or further apart. They're great for parties and everyday celebrations! 

making a pom pom garland

Method 2 - Garland with thicker rope

how to make a pom pom garland

1. Make a selection of pom poms, in different colours and sizes if you like. Decide how long you want the garland to be. For a simple garland to hang on a mantle or bookshelf, 2.5-3m should do the trick.

2. Lay out your pom poms in the order that you like and thread your needle with either thread or strong string. Leave a tail of 30cm at the end of the rope before attaching your first pom pom. Find the pom pom's middle string and sew under it and then through the rope to attach the pom pom.

sewing pom poms to rope

A couple of stitches should be enough to secure each pom pom. Tie off your thread after each one and leave a 10-15cm gap between pom poms. 

Hang it up and enjoy your handiwork!

I'd love to see your garlands if you have a go with this tutorial. Tag me on Instagram @sewcial_circle or send me a quick snap via email, I love seeing what crafty things you're up to!

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