How to sew a strawberry

How to sew a strawberry

It's mid-July and safe to say that we're at the height of strawberry season. What's the next best thing to a freshly-picked, juicy red strawberry? A fabric one of course! This is a cute little project that can be made in a jiffy while watching some catch-up TV or while enjoying a bit of sun out at the park.

We now stock this project as a mini-kit in our shop, which includes everything you need apart from scissors, to make your own strawberry keyring.


  • red felt
  • green felt
  • sewing needle & scissors
  • thread (red and green)
  • embroidery floss (white)
  • a small handful of wadding

What to do:

1. Print out your template and cut out the half-circle from your red felt and the strawberry top from your green felt. With small pieces I tend to just hold the template in place while I cut around it but some may find it useful to pin it down so it doesn't move while you snip.

2. Using your white embroidery thread, stitch on your seeds in a random pattern all over one side of your red felt. Tie off your thread once you're done.

3. Fold your piece of felt right sides together and using a small over-stitch, sew up the short sides of the half-circle.

4. Turn it right side out and sew a loose running stitch all along the top of your strawberry. Before pulling your threads tight, fill your strawberry with a small amount of wadding. When you think there's enough stuffing inside, pull your stitched tight along the top, gathering the felt closed. If you think you need a plumper strawberry, just loosen the stitches and put some more stuffing inside. Make a knot once you're happy with it.

5. Pop your green piece of felt onto the top and secure it with a few stitches using green thread.

Your strawberry is now ready to go! Make one, make two, keep them for yourself or share them with your friends!

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