Lately in London

Lately in London

ONE // london weather has been the pits lately. non-stop rain. but it's spring, right? couldn't resist this classically london shot while walking across the waterloo bridge between rain showers. hello, big ben! this city never ceases to impress me.

TWO // the rain and wind has stripped all the trees of their spring-time blooms. when the wind gets blowing, they look like pink snow or baby pink wedding confetti.

THREE // when you're on house arrest because of the foul weather, there's nothing to do except watch back episodes of gossip girl, paint your nails and knit. at least that's what a few of my days looked like last week.

FOUR // rainy days call for outings to museums. i won a ticket to the cecil beaton photography exhibition at the


on twitter and took advantage of the chance to see other corners of the museum i haven't see before. this is one of the most beautiful rooms there, golden and gilded.

what have you been up to lately?

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