Learn to knit: hand warmers

Learn to knit: hand warmers

Where did this chill come from? It seems like summer ended pretty abruptly, and now we're in full swing of a grey, drizzly autumn. The windows are shut, likely till next spring, and we've even pulled out our blankets from the closet.

While I do wish for sunny and crisp autumn days like I'm used to in Niagara, I don't mind snuggling up in bed with a cup of coffee and my laptop. Working from bed is so much better than the office. Colder days means one thing: knitting season has arrived. I never really feel like knitting in summer, it just doesn't feel right but i've pulled out my needles now, printed off some new patterns, notable is this snoflinga hat from Jenny Gordy over at Wiksten.

Cooler mornings mean it's about time to pull on the handwarmers. That next step before it's full-on mitten season. Here's a very simple pattern to follow if you're just starting out with knitting or want a quick project to whip up in a weekend.

I've just started a pair myself and think they'd look pretty precious with some buttons sewn along the side.


  • 5mm knitting needles
  • 1 ball aran weight wool
  • Needle for sewing up seams
  • Button, optional

Cast on 38 stitches.

Row 1: k all the way

Row 2: k4, p30, k4

Repeat these two rows until it is big enough to wrap around your hand.

Cast off leaving a long tail, approx. 30cm.

Use your needle to stitch the two long sides together, leaving a 2" gap for your thumb, about 1" from the top of the hand warmer.

Weave in ends so they're hidden.

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