Pom Pom & Tassel Tree Skirt Inspiration

Pom Pom & Tassel Tree Skirt Inspiration

I love a good DIY (obviously! 🙈) and this is a great idea to epicycle a tree skirt you might already have, or to DIY and make a basic one... extra.

What you'll need:

  • pom poms!
  • tassels!
  • sewing needle/thread
  • tree skirt

Let's do this:

Here are three ideas from the magical world of Pinterest that I've had saved for a while and a great way to bring in a little pom pom goodness to you festivities. 

Love this idea from Chi Chi Moi. She makes the most gorgeous hand-crocheted tree skirts and the pop of pom poms just makes it. Measure your tree skirt around the outside edge and think about how many pom poms you'd like.

Calculate how many you'd need to have even spacing around the edge. Use pins to mark where they'll go. Make your pom poms and sew each one on in the same way you would sew a pom pom onto a garland rope by finding the middle string.

In the same way, swap pom poms for tassels around the outside edge of your tree skirt. Tassels are a lot easier to make than pom poms and I'd recommend the XL Loome tool for tassels of this length. I love how they look mixing and matching the yarn colours! 

This one is a previous skirt from Anthropologie, sadly it's not available this year!

Design Love Fest has a tutorial for making this one on her blog, with bright yellow pom poms simply glued on. I'd recommend sewing them on so that your skirt has some longevity. She also shows you how to make your own tree skirt too, in case you don't have a plain one to up-cycle.

That's it! We have never had a tree skirt, and every year I mean to make one and never have time and we always resort to using some fabric from my stash around the tree base. I'm hoping this post gives me the nudge to actually do it and add a pom pom or two! 💛

Show us your tree skirts! If you tried this project at home, share your skirts with me on Instagram @sewcial_circle or send me a quick snap via email, I love seeing what crafty things you're up to!

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