Setting up your sewing workspace

Setting up your sewing workspace

My desk has certainly become my creative sanctuary. I look forward to climbing up on my stool everyday to work, whether it's handing the nitty-gritty paper work of running your own business, answering emails, sewing up something fun for myself, or experimenting and creating samples for new classes and workshops. 

Not everyone has a designated sewing space in their home, let alone a separate studio to let the threads fly! But here are a few tips for creating your ideal sewing workspace, wherever it may be!

Pick a tidy place, and keep it tidy.

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to sew in a cluttered area. Sewing requires space so clear some room before you start.

Choose a comfy chair.

It's really important to have a good, comfy chair when sewing. Hours can pass without you even knowing it! Something with a back support is also good. Make sure your sewing machine is set on a solid, flat surface, at a comfortable height.

Sewing and eating do not mix.

Save snack time for later, when you take a break. Crumbs have a way of finding themselves all over your fabric, and they can get inside your sewing machine too, and we don't want that. When hunger strikes, or you fancy a cup of tea, step away from your machine and your project.

Keep all your supplies at the ready.

It's a good idea to have all your tools and sewing things handy when you're settling in for an afternoon of making. Get yourself a basket for all your sewing things or a few little plastic storage containers that you store under your desk or your workspace. That way when you need those thread snips, they're within arm's reach.

Make sure you have enough light.

My mum is that tiny voice in my head that says, "turn a lamp on, you'll strain your eyes!" But she's right! You will strain your eyes and we can't have that. During the daytime, sew next to a window and invest in a decent lamp when you're sewing in the evening.

Pick a room that doesn't have carpet.

There is nothing like having to hoover after every sewing session! Threads have a way of getting absolutely everywhere, on our socks, our trousers, our sweaters... If you can, sew in a room with a floor that is sweepable.

Put on some music!

Some fun music is always a good way to get in the sewing mood. Sometimes I like to listen to audiobooks or podcasts while I sew, but sometimes there's nothing like Spotify or BBC radio 4 to sew by.

What does your sewing space look like?

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