Knitting twine tawashis

Knitting twine tawashis

I'm a bit tired of buying kitchen sponges. I gave up buying the cheap coloured ones long ago but even the re-washable ones aren't proving to be the best deal either, especially when it's so hit and miss if they're even stocked at our local shop when it comes time to replace them. So to the internet I went to find a simple alternative I could whip up at home.

left: acrylic tawashi / right: scrubbie

Making it yourself is super cheap

  • 4 balls of garden twine: 99p
  • knitting needles: already had them
  • wool batting: £2.50 (enough filling for 6 or so)

Introducing the tawashi (japanese for scrubbing brush)

The garden twine is brilliant for this type of thing. It's rough on the dirt and very durable. I've made a flat one which works great for scrubbing at the tough grime and a padded one (with wool inside) to get the suds up. They both dry relatively quick and the little loops on the end make them easy to hang up on the balcony to dry after dish-washing time.

Twine is tricky to knit with as it has zero stretch but after i got the hang of it, these knitted up quite quick.

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