Welcome to your free sewing class for kids! ✂️🍩

Welcome to The Sewcial Circle, a crafty gang for people who love to make things.

Learn to sew with Katie from The Sewcial Circle


I'm Katie, the founder of The Sewcial Circle and I'm here to get more kids sewing/making/crafting... having fun and tapping into their creativity, learning fine motor skills and building their confidence through craft!

So let's get stuck in with your free sewing class for kids.

Today I'm going to teach you how to make your own mini doughnut! 🍩😋

Step 1: Print your template

Download your PDF Template and print it out at 100% on A4 paper.

Step 2: Gather your materials

What you'll need to make your mini felt doughnut:

Step 3: Stitch along with me!

Grab a spot at the kitchen table and follow along with me while we stitch our mini doughnuts together.


Ta-da! You're done! If I could, I'd give you a massive high-five for all your hard work. Now that you've made one, how about a Baker's Dozen? 😂

I hope you enjoyed that project! This is just the beginning of your child's sewing journey. If they're feeling inspired and want to make more, check out my range of longer sewing courses, making everything from felt Mice in Matchbox Beds 🐭 to Cactus Plants in Terracotta Pots 🌵!

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