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The Loome

Have a Loome tool and want to know more about how to use it?

There are 60+ video tutorials on YouTube, made by the incredible Loome team. The tutorials take you through all the skills, plus projects to make, step-by-step.

How do I make a really tight middle knot for my pom pom?

This is the best video for that job:


How do I use a trim guide and get my pom poms perfectly trimmed?

Try this technique:

Head to for downloadable PDF's on how to warp the eye and rainbow-shaped weaving looms. 

Sewing Tips

I've been teaching kids to sew for more than 10 years now so have picked up a trick or two... here are a few tips for when you're sitting down with your child as they learn how to sew.

  1. Have everything you need close at hand in a sewing box. This doesn't have to be fancy... either a shoe box they can decorate or go old-school with an old shortbread biscuit tin like our grannies did!
  2. Make sure they have tools that fit their hands. Child-sized scissors and smaller needles that fit small hands will make sewing much easier for kids.
  3. One thing I've learned from years of teaching kids to sew is that perfection doesn't matter. If there's a knot, I just tuck it inside and keep going.
  4. Encourage them to try it first before stepping in.
  5. Sign them up for a sewing course. Sometimes it's easier to learn from someone else. 😜 My Mice in Matchbox Beds Online Sewing Course is the perfect project for beginners.

How to tie a knot at the end of my thread?

Here's a simple trick for kids to try when tying a knot at the end of their thread.

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