Sewing Lessons in London

Private Sewing Lessons in London

I could go on and on about the benefits of sewing and crafting, not only for adults but for kids as well. It strengthens fine motor skills, strengthens maths, teaches geometry and how different shapes fit together but most of all it's fun to create something entirely by hand, especially if you can wear it afterwards!

Project-based learning

Lessons are taught across London and are project-based. We come prepared with a little project on the first lesson and help kids choose which kinds of projects they'd like to complete based on their skill level, what they'd like to learn how to make and make sure we are adding in new skills every step of the way with each finished project.

Projects range from cushions in the shape of pizza slices to watermelon zipper pouches, soft toys, clothes and so much more!


Lessons are typically held at the home of the student. The kitchen or dining room table is the perfect place to work, as long as there is enough space and light. An ironing board and iron is also handy to have nearby for sewing. 

Lessons are 2-hours in length and I arrive 10 minutes before in order to set up. Students must have their own machine to use so they can sew and experiment in their spare time. Fabric and other materials are supplied (these can be also be supplied by you) at an additional cost and any templates + instructions used in the lessons can be kept by the student to use again later.

We focus mainly on machine sewing, but hand-stitching techniques, embroidery and other craft skills are added as well, depending on the projects chosen.


Private lessons start at £25/hour and are 2 hours in length. Frequency is totally dependent on you but a lesson every 2-3 weeks is recommended.

Lessons take place on weekends, from 10am to 6pm. For availability, please email

Many students like to pair up with friends for their lessons. Prices are as follows:

£25/hour for 1 to 1 tuition = £50 per person for a 2 hour lesson

£35/hour for 1 to 2 tuition = £35 per person for a 2 hour lesson

£45/hour for 1 to 3 tuition = £30 per person for a 2 hour lesson

£55/hour for 1 to 4 tuition = £27.50 per person for a 2 hour lesson

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