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About Us

Welcome to our crafty gang ✂️

katie of The Sewcial Circle

Hi! This is me, Katie, in my natural habitat, surrounded by crafty goodness in our South London studio.

Nothing gives me more joy than seeing someone discover a craft they really truly love. One that sparks a passion for making!

I am all about finding new, sustainable, colourful and fun craft supplies to inspire your next craft project and making craft approachable, fun and simple!

I love experimenting with new fibres, trying new things and finding the simplest way to make stuff and bringing that to you so that you can just get started straight away on your next craft project and enjoy the benefits of craft at home.

Simple craft ideas the sewcial circle

Fancy getting in touch?

I do love a good chat about sewing and crafts, new techniques and new ideas.

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The Sewcial Circle / Kathleen Farrell

VAT No: 355 5264 88

1 Rushden Close, London SE19 3QB